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You'll learn the Strategies and Tactics for getting the Highest Possible Scores! Everything you need to know, Including:

  • Police Oral Board Performance Strategies
  • What Exactly the Oral Board is Looking For
  • Suggested Responses To Police Oral Board Questions
  • How to Handle Police Judgment Questions
  • Psych Test Performance Strategies
  • Two Qualities Police Agencies Can't Resist
  • Handling the Killer Questions About Your Background
  • How to Create a Positive Image during the Interview
  • Learn how to beat the B-PAD, including example scenarios and response strategies
  • Detailed Police Candidate Polygraph Strategies

Your Career in Law Enforcement is Just One GOOD TEST PERFORMANCE, Away! 

Are You doing Everything Possible to Prepare for what may be The MOST IMPORTANT Exam You Ever Take? 

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To Get a High Score On The Police Exam you MUST know how to Handle Police Situation Questions. With The Police Oral Exam Ebook you'll answer Police Situation/Judgment Questions like an experience POLICE OFFICER!. 

Learn Law Enforcement Oral Exam Strategies

Dear Police Candidate

Passing the written test will secure you a position on the eligibility list while doing good on the oral exam will get you a high position. Actually, you need to do good on both to get hired.

The purpose of the oral board is to test the candidate's verbal skills, and get an idea of the candidate's overall reasoning abilities. The initial impression you leave with the board members will be crucial in determining your final ranking on the eligibility list. 

We'll describe universal oral interview strategies that could give you a major edge.  We'll also give you some hot tips and strategies, you WON'T FIND anyplace else.  (We describe in detail strategies for handling the Police Situation Questions.) As a matter of fact you'll find detailed strategies taught at Police Test Seminars that police candidates and police officers pay as much as $900 to attend. 

You'll Be Asked Tough Personal Questions
The questions are pointed, personal and  uncompromising. Vague responses will usually result in tougher questions from Board members. 

Sweaty palms and rapid heartbeat, describes the feeling that many police candidates get when they take part in the oral interview. Watching the pasty faces of some of the applicants walking out of the interview room, you'd think they just got off a giant roller-coaster at Great America. The best way to overcome the fear of the interview is to PREPARE

Even Superman would have trouble getting hired as a bodyguard in today's job market if he didn't shine in the oral interview process. Maybe this a bit of a stretch, BUT you get the point. 

Reality- The most qualified person doesn't always get hired...
Unfortunately, the most qualified person doesn't always get hired or promoted. The candidates who are the best at interviewing, usually do. 

The oral interview/exam plays a a major part in determining where you end up on the eligibility list. 
Passing the written test will get you in the door while an impressive oral interview will keep you inside. 

If a candidate is not able to verbalize why they are the right person for the job even though they may be, more than likely won't get the job. 

This Digital Manual is the result of extensive research into the strategies and secrets of the experts in the field of  organizational/Personal screening in relations to the Police Oral Review Board. We took the best and most effective tips , secrets and strategies and put them into easy to learn terminology. The manual also includes insight from from a veteran Police Supervisor who will help you tackle the difficult police judgment questions you'll most likely be confronted with in the Interview room. 

 You're going to find out exactly what the Police Oral Review Board is looking for and how you can give them what they want. 

Why do friends and relatives of police officers do well on police judgment/situation questions? 

Although it's a federal mandate you're not required to know police procedures when taking part in the law enforcement exams process, many Oral Boards conclude that police procedures are just common-sense. They're usually included in the interview in some form. The reason is because they MEASURE two very important traits needed for police work-JUDGMENT and COMMON SENSE

To really do well on police judgment questions you need more than just common sense. The reason police friends and relatives do well, is they're familiar with police language and police thinking. This gives them a DECISIVE edge when they respond to police judgment questions. 

We will act as your police friend and help you THINK LIKE a police officer. This will give YOU an edge when responding to police judgment questions. 

 This Digital Manual contains a detailed section completely devoted to explaining important and controversial police situations. This information is vitally important in helping police candidates with police judgment questions on both the written and oral exams. 

 Ideally, you shouldn't need to know police procedures and policies or the law , just be able to interpret them. Realistically, if you know the basic philosophies of police procedures before taking part in the interview, responding to the questions become much easier. 

  The Police Judgment section in this Ebook is based on extensive research and over 25 years of experience in Law Enforcement of the author. It includes important topics such as , arrest procedures, search and seizure, police use of force, vehicle pursuits, and police rules and procedures. 

 The goal is to help you THINK LIKE a police officer. It will give you a BIG 
edge in the ORAL INTERVIEW. 

Bottom line we're going to give you the best opportunity to get your dream job by excelling in the interview process. 



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CFI Research Company. 


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Don't Let the Polygraph STOP You from becoming a Police Officer...

The Polygraph EBOOK will help you understand exactly what to expect from your pre employment Polygraph and teach you Polygraph Test Strategies.

Note: This is not a report. It's a 24 page ebook with detailed information about what to expect and how to respond.

You'll Learn:

  • What questions you will be asked.

  • The dirty little secret behind the polygraph test?

  • Why people can FLUNK even when they tell the truth.

  • What will automatically disqualify you from consideration.

  • What are some of the TRICK Questions.

  • How to give yourself the best chance to Pass.


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