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Police Supervisor's DigitalExam E-Book BENEFITS


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Police Supervisor's Exam Digital E-Book BENEFITS

Police Supervisor's Exam E-book Will Give You The Edge 
You Need To Pass The Promotion Exam! 

Part One: The Police Supervisor's Written  Exam Digital Manual

Each Police Exam Digital E-Book contains 33 chapters + 4 practice tests and contains the following comprehensive information on Written Test process :


  • Key Insider Information you need to get Top scores on the Exam
  • Complete Practice Written Tests with HUNDREDS of Practice Questions and Answers -  Includes Reading Comprehension - Law Enforcement Procedure/Judgment -Police Supervision-Memory - and other test categories.
  • Police Situation & Judgment questions - analyzed. You Can Take the guess work out of the Written & Oral Exam You'll know exactly what to expect and approach the exam with confidence.
  • Strategies for police management questions
  • Oral exam response tips
  • Proven tips for boosting your test scores
  • Memory aids to help with the recall questions
  • Easy To read E-book format 
  • Quick Download ( in minutes) So you can get started right away.
  • Print Option included. So you can print any page of the E-book for reviewing at your leisure.
  •  Learn the common pitfalls and mistakes and how to avoid them.
    Separate sections cover the Written Test and  -Oral Interview. 
  • Learn How To Master Multiple Choice Tests. 
  • Learn What Poor Test Taker's #1 Mistake Is And How To Avoid It.
  • Learn The #1 Reason Good Test Takers Get Higher Scores. The Secret of How They Achieve Scores Higher Than Their Knowledge Of The Test Material.
  • Learn Strategies For Reading Comprehension Tests. Knowing how to handle Reading Comprehension questions is vital to success on the written exam.
  • Beat The Brain Buster Questions. How To Handle The Difficult Logical Reasoning Questions.
  • Tackle Verbal Analogy Questions. 
  • Learn Number Question Strategies. 
  • You'll Learn Exactly What The Test-Makers Are Asking. If You Don't Understand What The Test Maker Is Asking You'll Choose The Wrong Answers.
  • Learn Detailed Strategies For Handling Difficult Police Judgment Questions. You will be given numerous police situations and problems that are analyzed in detail.  You'll be able to  correctly answer those difficult police judgment questions.
Including Police Situation Questions Dealing With:
  • Arrest Procedure 
  • Use Of Force
  • Miranda Warnings 
  • Search and   Seizure 
  • Police Rules & Procedure
  • Vehicle Pursuits 

Part Two: The Police Supervisors Oral Exam Digital Manual

You'll learn the Strategies and Tactics for getting the Highest Possible Scores! Everything you need to know, Including:

  • Police Oral Board Performance Strategies
  • What Exactly the Oral Board is Looking For
  • Suggested Responses To Police Oral Board Questions
  • How to Handle Police Judgment Questions
  • Two Qualities Police Agencies Can't Resist
  • Handling the Killer Questions About Your Background 
  • How to Create a Positive Image during the Interview


    In Basket Strategies

    Group Discussion Strategies

    Problem Analysis Exercise 

    Case File Exercise Strategies 

    Strategies For the Role-playing Exercise: 

    Case File Exercise Strategies 

    We'll describe universal oral interview strategies that could give you a major edge.  We'll also give you some hot tips and strategies, you WON'T FIND anyplace else.  (We describe in detail strategies for handling the Police Situation Questions.) As a matter of fact you'll find detailed strategies taught at Police Test Seminars that police supervisor candidates pay as much as $900 to attend. 

How much is a promotion worth to you?

The Police Supervisor's Exam Digital Manual $43

If you consider it, this is an excellent value with the benefits you  receive over the duration of your entire career. 

When you take all the benefits into consideration your return on the investment is excellent. The manual is less than most college text 

If you order within 10 days we will give you BOTH the Written & Oral Digital Ebooks for the special price of only $34.00. 

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 Special Introductory Price:
Get BOTH The Written & Oral Exam Digital Manuals For 

 Minimum System Requirements 
The Digital Manual has been designed to run under Windows  95/98/2000/ME/XP 

NOT Available in Print/Hardcover

NOT Available for MAC 

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