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1. What is the Police Exam Ebook?

The Police Exam Ebook is NOT a hardcover/book. The Program is an ebook (software) which is downloaded directly to your PC. The Police Exam E-book's electronic format offers you control of content delivery, increased speed, less distractions, better focus and concentration. And, best of all, E-Books are easy to use!  

Navigation through the eBook is a snap because it looks like you are using a scaled down version of a web browser. As a result, it's a breeze to use for anyone who has ever used the Internet because you are essentially surfing through your publication! Features such as "Back", "Forward" "Print", and "Search" are available to make viewing the eBook extremely straightforward.  Each page of the ebook reads and looks like a web page. Each page can be printed and read at your convenience or read right on the computer itself.

With Police Exam Ebook, you'll learn the Preparation Strategies for getting the Highest Possible Scores! Everything you need to know is included: Complete Self-scoring Practice Exams. Answer Keys -- Proven Tips for Boosting Scores- Passing the Physical Exam. Oral Interview Performance Strategies. Psych Test Strategies. Memory Aids to Help You Master the Recall Test. Detailed Strategies for Police Judgment Questions.

2. What if my computer crashes and I loose the program?

You get lifetime updates. Which means that anytime you need the links to download the program. All you have to do is email us and request them.  Also, if you have more than one PC we'll send a download link to each computer

3. When can I download the Police Exam Ebook? How long does it take? 

An email with the download links is automatically sent when an order is placed. You should receive your download email within a few minutes. It might end up in your spam folder. So, please check your spam folder if it doesn't appear in your regular email. If you don't receive your download email within an 1/2 hour please contact us at

4. Do I have to be online to use the program?

No, you DO NOT  have to be online to use the program. Unlike some programs the Police Exam Ebook is downloaded to your computer and becomes your personal property to use anytime you want online or offline. Some programs require you to be online to use their program, including taking their practice tests. 

5. Does this program include my police department?

Naturally, we can't predict what every police agency will include on their test. There are thousands of police departments in the US and Canada. But police judgment questions are basically universal. A police officer in Chicago, IL will generally handle a domestic dispute the same way a police officer in Austin, TX or Ontario, Canada would. Most departments use the same criteria for testing aptitude. Also, police judgment questions are based on Federal mandates pertaining to situations involving arrests, constitutional rights and search and seizures. We cover all those situations in detail.

Here's an important thing to keep in mind, police agencies change their test format every time they present a new test to protect their test's integrity.  That is why our goal is to first and foremost make you a better test taker and improve your ability to take any type of police test.   

6. Will I be charged extra for the practice tests?

No, our practice tests are included in the program. Some programs will charge extra for practice exams. Most other online/ebook police test publication only include a few sample questions because actual practice tests are difficult to create. Or, they charge extra for each practice test. Bottom line is, taking practice tests is of vital importance to your success in the police exam. That is why they must be included. The Police Exam Ebook includes 9 ACTUAL PRACTICE EXAMS.

7. What Makes This Program So Different From the Others?

The Police Exam Digital Manual costs more than other police test publications, but it GIVES YOU MORE including insider strategies you WON'T FIND anywhere else. (With some test publications, all you get is a few generic test strategies and tips.) 

The Police Exam Ebook is a complete home study program with step-by-step instructions on how to master all parts of the police exam process. Isn't a few extra dollars worth improving your chances of getting a job in law enforcement.

The Police Exam Ebook shows you in detail how to apply logic and common sense when answering aptitude and police situation questions. You can count on the unique testing strategies featured in The Police Exam E-book. They've already been used by police candidates to get top scores and top jobs in law enforcement across the country. And isn't getting a law enforcement job what you're after?

8. Is the program available for MAC users?

Yes, the police exam ebook is also available for Mac users in PDF file format.

9. Is the program available for Mobile Devices?

Yes, the police exam ebook is also available for iPad and Android Tablets.

10. Will I be charged a monthly subscription fee?

No, you make only one payment. There are no hidden fees. You will own the program with lifetime updates.