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Current Events Involving the Police Have Made the Entrance Exam Process More Difficult for Police Candidates

The Police have been under more media scrutiny than ever before concerning use of force and community relations. As a result law enforcement agencies have tightened the screening process and are making the test process more difficult. They are looking for candidates that can deal with this added exposure and have the special qualities needed to perform their duties with this added pressure.

The police are entrusted with various law enforcement tasks that require tact, intelligence, and character. That is why the recruitment process to the police academy is so strict. In most cases, they only pick the top 10% of the candidates.

Owing to the fact that there are hundreds that turn up for the police exam, getting to the top 10 per cent requires proper preparation. Statistics show only about 35% pass the police officer entrance exam and about 8-10% make it to the police academy. There are few jobs like the law enforcement in terms of the honor, helping people, get the felons out of the community and a combination of job security, good pay and other benefits. That is why many try their luck at the job. On the other hand, the exam is made tough to weed out the average Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Unfortunately, most of the intelligent fellows do not get hired because they do not know how to take tests. This is the where preparation comes in. If you prepare well, you can bring out your intelligence and pass the test with a distinction. The exam is a timed test that only hands the pass to those who answer the questions correctly. Police exam prep is not only about the content of the tests that involves revision of facts and a few sample questions.

While this is essential, the preparation should also include:

  • How to improve your memory and recall the basic facts, concepts and tests
  • How to speak eloquently during the oral interview
  • How to read and understand comprehension and answer the quotations about it correctly
  • How to analyze problems and apply logical thinking to get the most appropriate answers
  • Major mistakes and pitfalls that are likely to deny you a chance to the police academy
  • How to go about police essay examinations
  • How to be fit for the physical examination

Recalling facts and concepts is only a part of the whole passing strategy. Other aspects of the examination may make you fail. Get hold of the preparation manuals, questions and test guides from reputable sources such as policepath.com and start preparing.

Making mistakes on the D-day may be too costly and kill the dreams of ever getting to the police department. Interesting fact Most people answer comprehension questions based on the prior knowledge. There is always a twist in the comprehension that takes you off the common knowledge. If you do not find it, you are likely to get the comprehension all wrong.

For a comprehensive look at the police exam and its contents, consult the experts at PolicePath.com, and begin your education today!


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