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Here's some information and background about the author: 

Law Enforcement officer for over 25 years; 

Police Supervisor City of Milwaukee, WI

-Senior supervisor in the city jail on the second shift. 
Management responsibility over 16 police personnel. 

- Patrol Supervisor at district 6 on the second shift. Management 
responsibility over 34 police employees. Including acting shift commander duties. 

- Patrol Sgt. at District 7 on the second shift.  Management 
responsibilities over 118 police personnel.  Directly responsible for 21 
police officers. Including acting shift commander duties. 

- Supervisory responsibility at the city jail.  Management 
responsibility over 23 police personnel. Responsible for reviewing police 
arrest reports and criminal complaint reports for all city districts. 

- Patrol Sgt. at district 4 on the third shift. Management 
responsibility over 27 police employees. Including acting shift commander duties. 

Police Officer: 

- Assigned to the Sensitive Crimes Division.  Responsible for 
investigations in relation to crimes against children.  This included 
child abuse, child neglect, and child custody cases. 

- Assigned to a district seven special plainclothes unit. 
Responsibilities included investigations of felony crimes in districts 

- Assigned the downtown Robbery Task Force. A plainclothes 
unit that worked in conjunction with the detective bureau in the 
investigation of strong armed robberies and armed robberies in the city 
of Milwaukee. 

- Patrol officer districts seven.  Considered to be the busiest 
district in the city of  Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 


Authored a book on police employee evaluations. 
Created a software program for writing police evaluations. 
Both works have been purchased by 100s of police supervisors, FTOs 
and police departments throughout the world. 

Helped police and sheriff's departments create employee evaluation programs.

Wrote articles on Police Leadership that have been published in several police publications including Nafto News, Policelink.com and Servamus policing magazine. 


Helped develop a leadership philosophy/strategy  that is currently taught as part of the Management/Leadership Policing Program at Technikon SA. The largest Tech school in South Africa with over 75,000 students. 

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